One day trip at elephant sanctuary

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ElephantsWorld is a sanctuary for sick, old and abused elephants. Here we work for the elephants, instead of them working for us.This means that you will be involved in taking care of our elephants by feeding them, preparing food for them and scrub them clean in the river. You will get to enjoy very close contact with thesegentle, giant animals.

09.00am: We pick you up at your hotel/guest house (in Kanchanaburi city only) at 9.00am.
10.00am: Arrival at ElephantsWorld. Meet and feed the elephants.
10.30am: Observe the elephants bathing.
11.00am: Clean fruit/vegetables, prepare and cook sticky rice for our old elephants.
12.00pm: Buffet lunch.
13.00pm: Gathering / planting food for the elephants. e.g banana trees / sugar cane / banana grass, prepare fruit baskets for the afternoon or cleaning elephant’s sleeping areas.
14.00pm: Feed sticky rice balls to the old elephants.
15.00pm: Take the elephants to the river for a bath / scrub them clean.
15.30pm: Feed the elephants fruit and vegetables.
16.00pm End of the day, we bring you back to the city of Kanchanaburi

Please Note: Activities can differ per day. Every day is slightly different to the day before,depending on the needs of our elephants.



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